About Us

                                                         !Chaturlocal is a Micro-commerce and Micro-business platform.


                                                         Every business regardless of its size needs various levels of automation. Sometimes the automation needs are simple but the

                                                         solutions available are too large and too complex to address just a simple need. Our platform has a unique approach to address

                                                         this solution. We break down solutions into small independent *sachets* in and offer the same to business. A business can choose

                                                         only those components that are relevant to it and pay just for what they need. This unique architecture enables us to be used by

                                                         both small as well as large businesses..


                                                        Currently our platform offers:


                                                        1. A Micro-commerce Platform that make your business e-commerce ready

                                                        2.  An Order Management Tool that has micro CRM features and helps manage orders and walk-ins

                                                        3. A Service Manager tool that has micro CRM features and helps manage customer requests

                                                        4. A Visitors Register that has CRM features as well as an in-built Queue Management System

                                                        5. A Purchase Management Tool that manages quotations and purchasing efficiently

                                                        6. An Inventory Management Tool that helps manage inventory in both integrated as well as un-integrated environments

                                                        7. A Repair Centre Automation Tool that manages any Repair centre and / or Machine shop for job work

                                                        8. A Stand-alone Billing tool that can help generate POS invoices

                                                        9. Unique B2B and B2C Payment Mechanisms


                                                        Our platform helps entrepreneurs to take advantage of their local presence, be more nimble and efficient, so that they can provide

                                                        better services to the end customers.


                                                         Our vision is to make ‘Every shop an eShop’.


                                                         1. Simplicity in buying and selling: We want to make buying and selling easy and simple. Every consumer should be able to buy

                                                          whatever s/he wants and every seller should be able to sell whatever s/he wants in a cost effective and uncomplicated manner.

                                                         2. Cost, convenience and choice: To every buyer we shall endeavour to provide the best cost options,the most convenient place to

                                                         buy from and a choice of products, services and sellers to choose from.

                                                         3. Revenue, Reach and Robust: It is our mission to help every entrepreneur to make his or her businesses grow in revenue and to

                                                         reach more customers We will also strive to help them make their business systems more robust.