Frequently Asked Questions

What is !Chaturlocal?

!Chaturlocal is a Hyperlocal-microcommerce marketplace that enables any seller who has a product or service to sell to display the said product and/or service and receive orders from buyers.

There are several such well known e-commerce marketplaces so what makes !Chaturlocal special?

!Chaturlocal has several unique features that makes it one of a kind:
1. The !Chaturlocal platforms focusses on creating an e-commerce capability while letting the seller retain his physical shop or store. The e-commerce capability is over and above the physical presence and helps to augment an existing business.
2. !Chaturlocal has the ability to leverage the physical location of a vendor thus giving him logistical advantages such as quick service and immediate delivery.
3. The sellers listed on !Chaturlocal receive payments directly from the end customers and !Chaturlocal does not retain any part of the money.
4. !Chaturlocal also provides powerful analytics on the sellers business to help him grow.

Is there any transaction fee that a seller has to pay !Chaturlocal for every order received through the platform?

No. There is no 'per order' transaction fee that the seller has to pay !Chaturlocal.

Are there any charges at all that the seller is required to pay !Chaturlocal?

Yes. !Chaturlocal charges all the sellers a fixed annual subscription fees that has to be paid by sellers in advance before they get active on the platform.

What are the subscription rates for getting a shop listed on !Chaturlocal?

Please refer to the latest publised price list for the same.

Are there any limits on the volume of business that a seller can do once he pays the subscription fees?

There are no limits to the volume of business that a seller can do if he regsters on !Chaturlocal. In fact !Chaturlocal uses several analytics tools to help the seller increase his volume of business. These analytics tools come completely free of cost to the seller.

Can anyone who is willing to pay the subscription fees register as a seller on the platform?

Every seller who wants to use the comprehensive platform shall have to go through a verification process. The verification process shall be conducted by the !chaturlocal team to establish the genuineness of the seller and his credentials. This includes validating of the sellers KYC documents such as proof of address, proof of identity, VAT, Service TAX and other similar registrations. Any seller who satisfies the KYC norms shall be registered by !Chaturlocal.
However all customers shall be able to use the !Chaturlocal Ordering Tool product without going through a verification

What is the !Chaturlocal Ordering tool product?

The !Chaturlocal ordering tool is a system that helps the seller improve his efficiency in receiving and recording phone based orders more efficiently. In this the end customer calls the sellers phone and places an order but receives an immediate email confirmation if he provides his email. The next time the same end customer calls the seller his persoanl data already exists with the seller thus saving the seller the effort of data entry.

Does the end customer need to register with !chaturlocal?

Yes all end customers need to register with !chaturlocal before they can place orders. The registration of end customers are free of cost. But the customer shall be required to provide a valid email id and a valid mobile number.

In case the seller does not deliver the promised goods what recourse does the end customer have?

The end customer will have to directly settle all trade and transaction related issues with the seller concerned. !Chaturlocal is only an enabling platform and is not a counter party to any transaction between the buyer and the seller. However any buyer who has placed an order with a seller can post placing the order rate the seller based on both quantitative as well as qualitative parameters. The rating and qualitative comments on a seller is visible to everyone. Hence it is in the sellers interest to work to the satisfaction of his customers.

How may items in the catalogue can the seller display on his website?

There are no limits on the number of items that a seller can display in his inventory catalogue.

Can the seller update the prcies or availability of a product?

Yes the seller can update the prcies or availability of a product by himself at any point in time. The seller will be trained to handle the same at the time of initial setup.

Is !Chaturlocal integrated with the billing, accounting and / or inventory system?

No. As astand alone solution !Chaturlocal is not integrated with other systems. However, !Chaturlocal shall provide APIs so that any system can be integrated with it.

Can a single seller have multiple shops on !Chaturlocal?

Yes a single seller can have multiple shops on !Chaturlocal.